Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, May 20

Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, May 20

How much do you really know about hypothermia? Here are all the details you need to know from an ultramarathon/trail running perspective.

New episode! I chat with DarcyPiceu (Africa) about altitude and attitude, staying positive deep into a race, success at Hardrock, and balancing life, family, and trails.

buckin hell ultramarathonThe episode was sponsored by Buckin Hell 50k. July 23, North Vancouver, BC. RD is Gary Robbins, so you know it’s gonna be tough…and don’t even think about whining.

Heck, make a crazy trip out of it and run The North Face Endurance Challenge in Ontario on July 16, then head west to BC for Buckin Hell.

Zach Miller writes about stories we tell, stories, we hear, and stories we share on the trails. One of the many things that makes this ridiculous sport so great.

Ultimate ultramarathon: Some advice for running across the damn country.

If a woman jumps out a van in the middle of a desert and starts running, a skeptical cop is sure ask some questions.

Alaskan triathletes on the run portion when a baby bear and mama bear approach: Yeah, NBD.

I’m all for cool, obscure adventures, but this guy? Just…no.

Hundred milers this weekend: Philippines, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Who’s in?

Quad Rock wrap up.   I’ll release a podcast today with Timothy Olson where he shares his story from his run there.

…during our talk we discuss all the running books out there. Why are there so many???  The NYT features my HS XC/track coach Gene, who’s been mentioned in these pages many a time.

Do you cramp a lot? Have you had your potassium levels checked?

“Yes, it was technical, but I was walking way too much.”  This writer/runner recognizes his vulnerability to use terrain as an excuse. I do the same thing.   Report from the technical and fun Quest for the Crest 50k in North Carolina.

HuffPo: Yes, you can run an ultramarathon.  No, you can’t bandit the race.

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