Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, May 22

Fantastic new film by Billy Yang about Anton Krupicka. He talks about his yearning to be outdoors, his insane training schedule from a few years ago, and what he’s looking forward to. Watch it.

Dang, most running streaks I see average three miles a day or so. This guy has been running every single day for 46 years, averaging 11 miles each day!

If you’re not a fan of Rory already, you will be after reading this. And here’s our interview with her from two years ago.

One of my weekly workouts is putting my iPod on shuffle and running to the tempo of whatever song is playing–sometimes it’s Willie Nelson, sometimes it’s AC/DC.  So I guess I won’t be taking advantage of this new feature from Spotify. But the company is also adding podcasts to the lineup, so maybe you’ll start hearing me talk like a chipmunk?

Ten of the most scenic backpacking (my mind always sees that word as “trails”) trips in Canada.

Pretty decent list: The seventeen most sought-after beers in the United States. (shhh, I’ve got three of them in my fridge right now.)

Some thoughts from the mountains.

This psychologist’s theories certainly line up with the elite competitors in our sport: Thinking about others, not having huge egos, and focus on rest are all attributes many at the top share.

Leor went off on some serious off-trail navigation and found incredible waterfalls deep in the wilderness. Wow!

Trailrunning and beer run, sponsored by Oskar Blues? Yes please!

Looking for a job in CO or UT with an outdoor company? Check out these postings from Osprey.

These guys in Vermont sound like they’re putting on some cool events–Sine Nomine in particular. Anyone ever run one?

Sorry, but needing a “smart” water bottle means you’re a pretty un-smart person.

Tim Olson’s Run Mindful Retreats really sound like a nice time to spend the weekend.  I don’t need to go to a camp to learn how to run, or to learn about whatever gear the host is sponsored by, I’d like to go to a camp to relax and focus on balance and the present.

There are intense ultramarathons, then there’s the Iditarod Trail Invitational. You’ve got to see this interview with David Johnston where he talks about hallucinations, PTSD, and the incredible event that he dominates. Why haven’t I had him on the show yet???

I sit here at 5:08am, having just got back from 8 miles of quiet, still activity. I love running in the dark, but also do it out of necessity.  Here are Rob’s tips for nighttime running.

Yuck, running in humidity–especially an ultramarathon in humidity–does not sound like fun.  Here are some tips to make it easier.

I’ve got $20 that says Meb wins it.

New podcast coming today with someone (a master’s runner no less) with two solid hundred mile wins last year, and five more big hundreds lined up for this year.

And there’ll be no Daily News on Monday, as that’s a day I’ll be spending with my family (well, driving six hours anyway) as we celebrate the Memorial Day weekend and official start of summer.  Big giant Thank You to all who have served and to those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

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