Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, May 27

Awesome: What happens to all those drop bags that get left behind at races? 

When you move to the US, make new friends, get involved in trail running, and life is sweet. Then splat! You get hit by a car and everything changes.  I’m anxious to follow along with Aoife’s recovery.

In order to perform at the elite level, you don’t have to have a funky diet.

F&#k busy. Plan your adventure.

What does it take to beat Karl Meltzer’s CR on a 106 mile race with 33k’ of climbing? Here’s Nickademus Hollon’s excellent (and detailed) report from Cruel Jewel.  This isn’t just about running, it’s about chasing a CR with frantic and positive energy.  Great report Nick!

Sage is putting together a crowd-sourced film from Western States 2016. Sounds interesting. Here’s more info.

Which fatigues you first? Your brain or your legs? Or in our sport, your heart?

NUC: I’ve often wondered about Alex Honnold’s mom too: How does she feel about his climbing and the extreme risk involved. Here, she explains it.

Cool race: Tomorrow is start of the inaugural Monarch’s Way ultra in the UK. The route is that taken by a battle-defeated King Charles II in 1651, and the non-stop (615 miles!) race is probably Europe’s longest. It’s a point to point over and while it may not be the longest in the world, it’s probably up there. Checkpoints are 40 miles apart and only 3 guys are starting. Who’ll finish?

Monday is Memorial Day in the US.  I’ve never served, my dad didn’t serve, and neither of my siblings served the country, but I have an enormous amount of gratitude for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in any of our nations wars.  I’ll be hanging with family, drinking beer, eating hotdogs, and throwing horse shoes in your honor.  Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

And finally:

I’ve been a huge flake this week.  I’ve got a monster stack of shoe reviews to publish (Hoka, Brooks, two from Montrail), an apparel review, a zillion emails to get back to….and family life has to take precedent right now.  Life around Casa Schranz is nuts this week and something’s gotta give.   My apologies. I will get this all done over the next week. Thanks for the patience.

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