Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, May 3

Roche/TrailRunner: If you’ve run an ultramarathon, you’ve probably hiked a portion of it. So wouldn’t it do you good to practice hiking too?

Lets Run: The message boards discuss this weekend’s HOKA 100k event. Some decent analysis along with the regular name calling.

I’ve updated a lot of information re the HOKA event. Gear Guy Ben and I will be on the course tomorrow tweeting, instagramming, and going live the entire time with unsponsored commentary. As URP fans know, I’ve been obsessed with the 50M and 100k record for years and am pretty excited about this.

Luanne Park, Darcy Piceu, and Meghan Laws at Canyons 100k on Saturday. Pic by me.

AJW/IRF: The incredible runs and wisdom of Meghan Laws and Luanne Park.

Science: New study purportedly shows that women on the pill are less likely to suffer ACL injuries. Very cool.

How do Ruth Kroft and Megan Kimmell approach exotic food when racing in foreign countries? Very differently. Cool article.

Race report: Cool report from the Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug 50 miler in CT. Full of planning, beer, coaching tips, and a wicked fast Stringbean sighting.

CNN/London Marathon: Spraying back-of-the-packers with chemical and calling them fat and slow does seem a bit harsh.

Short news day. Have a great weekend everyone.

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