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The WSJ blames millennials for killing the two-decade running boom, but I’m just not seeing a problem in ultramarathon/trail races, are you? What’s the average age of an ultra finisher?  Or are they merely bucket listers who don’t stick around?

Didya hear our latest podcast with Nikki Kimball and Dr John Onate? We talk mental health, depression, and ultrarunning.

…and if you heard the Fartlek question with John, you can relate it to this recent post by The Angry Jogger.

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  My mom is still a competitive runner at 66 and inspires me to keep my speed up for fear of getting grandmothered.  Here’s my interview with her from last year, and there she is below on a trail run with me.

ultramarathon marin
My mom on the Coastal Train in the Marin Headlands.

Like AJW, I like hanging out after ultramarathons or trail races almost as much as I like running them.

New Hampshire’s Mount Washington: Because it’s steep and because it’s there.

Big weekend for big races around the world, but don’t miss this one: Saturday in Helena Montana is the Don’t Fence Me In 30k, a fairly low key event that brings an impressive field. Past winners include the Montana Mikes (Wolfe and Foote), 2012 winner Rob Krar (one of his earlier trail races before hitting the big time), multiple winner Megan Kimmel, and 2014 winners Megan (Deakins) Roche and Jim Walmsley (also one of his first trail races when he was at Malmstrom AF Base in nearby Great Falls).  This year the Roches will be there, along with ’15 winner Maria Dalzot, Sonoma champ Jim Walmsley, and Mike Foote.  30k is my favorite distance to run…gotta make it up there one year!

nikki kimball ultramarathon
Nikki Kimball at AR50, mile 21.

It’s Seis de Mayo: Can running help cure your hangover?

The fire in Alberta is devastating.  We as trail runners are affected by forest fires differently than others: We run out there, hike, camp, and know firsthand the beauty of what’s getting lost. Hoping all of our Canadian friends are safe and secure.

Nick Symonds sold space on his arm for $21k.  Still not in the URP budget, dangit.

Actual science: The truth about HIIT.

Not effective science: Homeopathic treatments.

This writer has a very tough time comprehending a 24 hour timed event.  I urge those just getting into MUT running to try timed events first.

Running on monotonous ice in the freezing cold is probably similar mentally.

What are you running this weekend???

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