Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Nov 1

Hungover from the Halloween candy. Bear with me.

How have I never heard of this crazy trail race in Scotland? Armpit-deep bogs? Yikes.

“if the funds are not raised, or the athlete does not have the financial means, they cannot represent the country. It is a matter of who can afford to go, not necessarily who is the best athlete to represent. … If the trip was paid for, I believe that would be different.”

Interesting article in Trail Running Canada about the (lack of) funding for Canadian trail runners at international competitions. Sounds like the best bet would be to partner with Athletics Canada and work from within their framework for funds, but I also see their desire to stay independent.

Popsugar: What it takes to prepare yourself to cross 715 miles of Antarctica. Jenny Davis is going back for more after a DNF last year.

NYT: “Memo” is keeping it simple. Great story from a neat guy.

Forge: How to be best in the world at something. This approach of skill stacking has deep connections to success at MUT running, don’t you think? To be successful in this sport, a runner must be quick on their feet (but not necessarily the fastest), a good route finder, highly skilled with adapting to environments on the fly, self-aware enough to recognize responsible pacing, but also just competitive enough to know when a win is in sight.

Good Beer Hunting: I loathe mixing politics and sports and have the same reaction when breweries think they need to take stance on political and social issues.

Semi-Rad: Here’s Brendan’s list of inspirational and funny links for Friday.

Earlier this year, I chatted with Tim Lambert about his obsession with Western States and what he was doing to prepare for the Big Dance. (He ran in June.) Here’s a follow up interview with a British podcast about his big DNF, living with anxiety, and more.

Guardian: Compelling story about one of the most decorated female alpinists (she’s summited Everest nine times–a World Record) ever, and why and how she’s sponsorless and near destitute in New York.

Friday Funny: Motorcyclist who identifies as bicyclist sets cycling world record.

Industry News: Asics buys RaceRoster.

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