Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Nov 13

Are you superstitious? It’s Friday the 13th!


Is a 10k too short for ya? What if it had over 9k’ of elevation gain in the Italian Alps?Average grade 35%, but it hits 60% in some spots. Winning time was over two hours. You in?

Mike Wardian has run a LOT of races, so when one of them really beats him up, it’s worth learning more. Here’s his race report from the “Crossing of the Crazies” on Reunion Island.

Some of you know all of this. Others (like me) nodded and learned a lot: The things I didn’t know about backpacking.  Those trails look sweeeeet, by the way!

Read as Victor Ballesteros weaves two great running stories into one lesson: This is a pretty great sport and we meet some incredible people along the way.

I’m getting word of a new 50k on the Mendocino Coast next April.  Easily one of my top 5 most beautiful places in the world…this’ll be the first ultramarathon in Mendocino county.  Great beer and ganja nearby!

As of this writing, there are 3300+ entrants into the Western States lottery. About 350 names will be drawn after elites, sponsors, etc.  You feeling lucky? (Link updated. Thanks!)

Ah, the big question: Is it ever OK to run with some else’s bib? My opinion: If you sign up for a race, it’s incumbent on you to follow the rules, including the refund/trade policies. If you don’t like the “no refund or trade” policies, don’t enter the dang race. What do you think?

How can data (and tracking software) help a man run 100 miles?

REI CEO goes on Reddit to talk about the Thanksgiving closures, and Redditers have a different idea.  Why didn’t someone ask him why the “outdoor retailer” doesn’t sell fishing or hunting gear?

A conversation only runners would have publicly: Having to poop on my run is ruining my training.

I’m running Inside Trails’ Mt Tam 50k tomorrow.  Not in hill shape, so this should beat me up pretty bad. I’m seeing David Roche’s name for the 50k, and Alex Varner, Bob Shebest, and YiOu Wang for the 30k.  This race shares many of the same trails as North Face Championships in December and sits at a perfect time.  Will you be there?

Friday funnies: Ultrarunner brings tired and meaningless platitudes to ultramarathon.


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