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Remember that knock down, drag out battle between Guillaume Calmetes and Harvey Lewis at Big’s Backyard Ultra earlier this month? Here’s Guillaume’s report (as told to/by Katie Grossman) of how it all went down.

I recorded an episode with runner/writer Yitka Winn earlier this year where we talked about her win at Fat Dog 120, running in the “Issy Alps” and what it means to be a professional adventure writer.  Now, take a minute and read this incredible tale about “the day the mountain almost took (her) mother.”  It’s a harrowing story told by a fantastically talented writer.

Predicition: This new fitness trend is going to wreak all sorts of havoc on people who don’t know what they’re doing.

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Three hundred and thirty pound opiate addict finds running, discovers the trails, and transforms his life.  Good luck at JFK this weekend!

Good essay by Zach Miller about trust and calculated risk.

Ten superfoods that all ultra-endurance athletes should consider, including elk antler velvet. Wait, what?

No ultramarathon content: Who has been the highest paid athlete in history? Take a guess, then click here for the unlikely answer.

Cool story about this guy who hiked the as-yet-to-be-fully-completed Transcaucasian Trail in Armenia and Georgia. That’s a mighty long trek when you have no idea what each day will hold.

Tawawera added a 100M option and registration opens up tonight.

Another angle of attack in the fight against PEDs. Work with a convicted agent/coach, and you’ll be DQ’ed.

Whether you’re running TNF, JFK, or one of the smaller ultras that make our sport unique, have fun this weekend and never take for granted the fact you’re not injured. Be thankful for every step.

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