Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Nov 22

I can’t tell if this new Nike tech is designed to help those with physical disabilities, or if people are actually too lazy to use their hands.

SCMP: More about the guy who’s questioning and challenging Kilian’s Everest claims.

It’s Friday. You’ve got an hour to blow geeking out on the 100 mile spreadsheet, right? Find all the info about price, buckles, and even how much of the course is run on unique miles. Thanks for putting this together, Scott!

JFK50 preview for this weekend. Will there be a Bitter sweep, or will it be bittersweet for Zach?
(Come on, I had to.)

Anyone else going to be at NCAA XC championships in Sacramento tomorrow? Weather is looking perfect and Sunny and I are hoping to get some miles in before the college kids line up.

IRF/AJW: Coming back from an injury is difficult but it can be done.

Speaking of comebacks, Brian Metzler writes about Hillary Allen’s incredible recovery from her fall a few years ago.

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