Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Nov 3

South Africa puts together a team of elite women who’ll compete in marathons and ultramarathon distances around the country. Seems based on the Oiselle model?

This plan to have parkruns in British prisons seems like a good idea all around. Dylan Bowman helps a similar club at the notorious San Quentin prison in California and here’s a story about a similar program at a prison in Oregon.

Did you get your free box of LCHF bars yet from the folks at S-Fuels? If you’re looking for a bar designed for endurance athletes that helps avoid the sugar high and subsequent bonk, click here for more info.

The popular NY Triathlon dropped its random lottery and went back to “first come first served” registration. I wonder how that’d work with some of our popular events like Hardrock, Western, etc?

Cal Int’l Marathon partners with Marathon Investigation after some asshat posts ad on Craigslist looking for someone to mule a BQ.

Yeah, but it’s cold. (Snowshoe running and playing w kids are my exceptions.)

New Episode: Sarah and I chatted with Austin-ite Katie Graff about her Triple Crown of 200s adventure this summer, how she finds running groups, cryotherapy, Simpson’s characters, and a whole lot more.

Awesome: Fifty two excellent pieces of adventure advice from Semi-Rad and others.

Quick interview with Mike Wardian before NYC Marathon. His goal: Win Master’s category and high five 500 people.

Wow! The Sugarloaf Trail in Newfoundland looks outstanding. Anyone know the FKT for the whole 265k?

I love the idea of AJW’s Turkey Challenge, but for me to climb 30k’ in one month would also mean me driving 40 minutes to a trailhead each day.

Who’s running Rio Del Lago 100 tomorrow? See you out there! Have fun and run smart!

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