Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Nov 4

Ultramarathon Daily News

It’s ultramarathon lottery season! You playing?

Did you catch our latest episode yesterday? Sarah interviewed me about my Himalayan trip: What I learned, what I did right and wrong, why I regretted giving away all of my shoes, and whether I’ll do another stage race.

In that episode, Sarah talked about the Grand Circle Trail Fest. Here’s her report.  And here’s her review of Dean K’s new book, which coincidentally, I received in the mail as we were recording.

And here’s a race report from one of my fellow participants in the Himalayas.

Friday Funny: The mountains are calling and I…

Alex Varner had a less-than-stellar day at the IAU champs in Portugal. Heal up and get ready for North Face in 4 weeks!  And heads up, Team USA, there’s always next year!

A call for female adventurers to share their stories. I see plenty of rad women sharing their stories in our sport….right?

AJW considers 5am a morning person? Pfff.

Race report from the Pumpkin Holler Hunnered with the best sounding aid station food imaginable: French Toast.

Excellent: We’ve all dealt with a bad run or race. Here are some ways to prevent them in the future.

This is why I love reading Liza’s blog: Gets her butt handed to her in a training run and shares the story with a laugh.

Discussion at the next (god help us) Presidential Debate: Are smartphones ruining distance running?

…or maybe we could discuss the pros and cons of Title IX?

This is not good for endurance running in general, the NYC Marathon in particular.

Speaking of NYC Marathon, local studette Kim Conley is making her marathon debut this weekend.

So what’s going on this weekend? Rio Del Lago 100 in CA, Mountain Masochist in VA, the Apple Cider Donut Challenge in NY, and the tBunk 200M Endurance Challenge in WI, among many more. Check out the Ultrarunning Calendar on the right for more details and events.


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