Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Nov 6

Treeline Journal: Rachel Drake deserves more applauds for her podium at the Golden Trail Series. Are she and husband Tyler Green the fastest US based ultra couple right now? I can’t wait to see what Rachel does when domestic racing returns!

Ultrarunning History: Fascinating story about “Ghost runner” John Tarrant who bandited races after officials tried to keep him out of competition. And dang, dude was fast! Imagine a sub 6 fifty miler in 1968 with no fancy shoes, nutrition, etc.

iRunFar: Blake Wood has some interesting thoughts on age grouping in ultramarathons. I’ve never thought of that as a reason many older folks stick to roads, but I get it now. (Here’s our interview with Blake.)

Oregon sportswriter Ken Goe’s final column is today.

Kevin Beck comes out swinging regarding the hypocritical dustup with Oiselle CEO Sally Bergesen, and he saves some vitriol for the Fast Women newsletter. Hold on tight.

There is now a XC video game. I haven’t played it (I don’t even know how to load it), but here ya go.

TrailSisters: Strong, determined, and relentless Aneta Zeppettela. Good interview with someone who really seems to get it. Maybe I missed it in the text, but what races does she RD? We’ve got good friends in Ohio and we hope to visit them next year.

ultrarunninng mag: These NURVV smart footbeds look pretty interesting. I’d imagine the battery size will be remedied soon.

Canadian Running: Why does it feel like you run so much faster in the dark? (MUT folks scoff while thinking back at shuffling for 5 hours to get to the next aid station.)

Forgot this earlier this week: Molly Huddle took down three American records in one race. Awesome.

Science: Running makes you smarter. Now, if I could just find a way to remember all the profound ideas I had on my runs…

More science shows that ultramarathon runners are gritty and have tough mindsets, but also that our physical capabilities are what separates winners from mid packers. Now, I’m not a stats guy or academic, but aren’t HURT runners a bit of an outlier, even for ultrarunners?

Run Spirited: Nine questions with Buzz Burrell.

Very disappointed and disheartened to see David Roche (and many others, unfortunately) carry on with the “If you voted for x, then unfollow me because I don’t respect you” nonsense on social media. So much for positivity and inclusivity, I guess.

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