Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Nov 6

She’s back! Devon Yanko’s inspiring race report from Javelina. Hear her interview with us from earlier this year.

Didya catch the new podcast with Ginger Runner Ethan Newberry? We talk two days after his NYC Marathon about the differences between road and trail, the role of new media in the MUT world, beer, and more. Enjoy!

Five truths about running and caffeine.

For competitive runners, though, many available (activity tracking devices) come up short, in design as well as accuracy.

Interesting take on the need for tracking devices and the reasons for using them. Do you use one?

There’s a reason Alex Varner has had such an amazing 18 months: He races any distance on any surface and loves every minute of it. Other elites who race all distances: Sage, Ellie, Devon, Wardian…

Another difference between roads and ultras: Packs (not of the hydration variety.)  Unless you’re at the front of the pack of an ultramarathon, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll run with a pack of runners for any real length of time, whereas road marathoners can run the whole race in a group of 20 people.

Want to set an FKT crossing the Savoie in the French Alps? Check out this video!

Your treadmill training guide. Half of my weekly mileage is on the old ‘mill.

Tahoe 200 registration opened yesterday. I’m in…you joining me?

The fifty most influential people in running. Ellie, Rob, Scott…what do you think of the list and who else should be on it?

Hey Bieber, get the hell out of my beer. I review (an absolutely delightful) berliner weiss with a Bieber themed label.

If you want to be tough and extreme and compete in Tough Mudder events, but….ya realllllly don’t want to run that far or have to deal with fire or ice or anything too oogy, they’ve got a new option for you.

I’ve waded into these waters with opinion, and will instead just leave this here, alone: Cars vs Bikes vs Pedestrians.

…speaking of which, a new study finds no link between bicycle helmet laws and head injury rates. Recommends providing safe lanes for cyclists instead.

I ran a contest last week for a free subscription and a bag of swag from Freeplay Magazine (mag geared towards women’s endurance sports that even this dude reads), and the winner is…Amy Clark!  Thanks for playing, and big thanks to Freeplay for sponsoring the contest.

Speaking of beer, yesterday was Stout Day. Did ya celebrate?

Help! My internet will be down from 9am today thru next Tuesday. Ack! Anyone want to volunteer to compile the Daily News? Email me quick! Thanks!

Have a great weekend and enjoy those trails.


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