Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Oct 14

Ultrarunning Magazine: What’s on the ultramarathon calendar for this weekend? Am I reading this right? No races in California?

Can we retroactively award John Colter the UROY for 1808?

Excellent film by Aravaipa Running about Eric Senseman’s run at the Cocodona 250 miler.

World Snooker Champ Ronnie O’Sullivan hits the trails in Hong Kong.

Youtube/Rafols: Spanish runner Gontzal Murgoitio shows major fatigue and total focus as he ascends the rocky trails in Europe. This is how the pros do it!

How elite runners train when they’re pregnant.
And how some come back stronger mentally and physically after childbirth.

Tim Tollefson opens up about his struggle with body dismorphia.

It is weird to be sent out into the world by a rheumatologist with a stack full of prescriptions and a life-changing diagnosis but little else. This is what has felt so overwhelming. It is absolutely daunting. But its also a lot like standing on the start line of an ultra. You don’t know how it is going to go, you don’t know what you will face, but you just have to commit to putting one foot in front of the other.

–Devon Yanko writes about her Lupus diagnosis and how she plans to confront it.

Madness: Transgender HS volleyball player injures opposing player causing concussion and vision problems. Coaches and Board Members decide to suspend games against school, citing safety issues. Lest you argue that “injuries happen all the time”, a coach of 40 years commented that “they’d never seen a hit like this.”

And another Kenyan marathoner/mountain runner busted for doping.

Meanwhile in New York, a Russian and a Ukrainian are running Sri Chimnoy 3,100 mile run together in a bid for world peace.

Speaking of Sri Chimnoy, run a lap with last year’s winner Andrea Marcato. I’d never seen the whole “course” before and it’s interesting. Two things: Andrea won last year’s race, clocking 30 consecutive 70+ mile days. Yeee!  And also, is this the same Andrea Marcato who played and coached rugby for Italy?

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