Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Oct 16

What does it take to set a new record around Lake Tahoe. Here’s a most excellent report from Krissy Moehl’s support crew.

If you analyze Strava data from around the world, which city would have the fastest runners? Yeah, it’s not perfect, but you got it wrong. And wrong again.

A response to the “sugar and spice and too nice for the trails” essay from last week.  In this, she floats another theory as to why female participation in ultras isn’t higher. What do you think?

Want to read some honest opinions about today’s running scene? Here’s Steve Jones.

Dakota Jones writes about answering “ah, so you’re a long distance runner” questions and the joy of his transition to cycling for recovery.

Does drag and aerodynamics matter for runners? At what distance does it become a factor?

AJW writes about the importance of attitude.  I agree completely. Attitude and happiness are choices that we make and I consider myself morally obliged to stay positive.

Short news day! What trail, beer, or ultramarathon news did I miss? Plug your site!

New podcast dropping today. Fun and informative interview that Sarah and I did with Mike Foote after his 599.7 600 mile run with Mike Wolfe across the Crown of the Continent.

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