Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Oct 18

Fast Running: John Kelly has some strong, cogent arguments about Kipchoge’s sub two run last week. Good, compelling read.

I came across this pic yesterday of Jason Wooden showing off a fish he caught mid-race at Moab 240. Anyone know the rest of the story?

 I know I for one dream of a race day with an endless pain cave. Not discomfort from the get-go, but the natural pain of racing that I encounter somewhere along the way and can just keep diving into. Where you can dig and dig and dig without falling apart. Instead of reaching for the mat and tapping out, you take every hit and always have one more punch to give. That’s my magic race day.

–Zach Miller’s ode to pain.

Treeline Journal: Chase updates on two months without alcohol and how his quit-lawyering-and-start-living plan is taking off. One request though…ya can’t call it “San Fran.”

As universal as our sport has become, there are still drastic differences in gear and approach. Read this article about a recent run in Bhutan.

Backpacker presents a bold solution: It’s time to close some of our National Parks. I agree completely.

Mirna: Ladies, don’t let infrequent stories of violence scare you away from the trails. Use your gut, be safe, and get out the door.

Beer: I’m hosting a blind beer tasting party tomorrow (36 people…ack!), so this article is timely. What actually is a pale ale and how does a brewer determine which style category to enter their brew? (And I’m sure someone will ask: No, I’m still not drinking.)

I recorded a new episode yesterday with Michael Ortiz and will release it Monday.

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