Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Oct 2

Successful downhill running is all about training.

Devon’s report from Capetown really really makes me want to go to South Africa for the trails, food, and running scene.

I haven’t read through it all yet, but Garrett ran Tahoe200, Idaho Mt Trail Ultra, and Bear100 in three consecutive weekends.  Wow! (link fixed)

Elite marathon training while living in a rad van at the beach.

Letsrun folks try to play gotcha with Tim Tollefson, and IRF’s Eric Senseman tells them to STFU, then drops the mic.

Fitness boot camps and paid coaches are no longer allowed in Los Angeles parks. What do you think? I’m just mad about the taco carts.

Another tragic reminder of the danger or running on the roads. Glad she’s going to be OK.

For two experienced runners, this does seem a bit unorganized, especially considering the terrain and weather.

Fall ’15 trail running shoes, reviewed.

The TAUR guys review the Pearl Izumi N2V2 and I agree…that’s a great shoe! Scotty and I will post our reviews this month.

Probably won’t make the big lists, but the Cats Tail Marathon in the Catskill Mountains of upstate NY is tomorrow. 26.2 with 7k feet of tough vert and no support. (link fixed)

…or you could hang out in Arizona and race a horse in a 50 miler.

…the US Skyrunning finale is also in Arizona this weekend. Check it out here.

Science: Milk doesn’t strengthen your bones.

Ten reasons to run Squamish each year. Yeah, it does look pretty awesome, and though Gary is a nice guy, why’s he so masochistic when designing courses?

SIte news: Sorry for the lack of podcast content.  I’ve been dealing with permitting for our house all week (is this what race directing is like???), but it’s finally complete. I also managed to open a car door into my face and get a few stitches. Yay! I’ll record next week. Promise.

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