Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Oct 22

Ultrarunning Mag/Stern: What’s up in ultramarathon racing this weekend?

SCMP: Hong Kong native William Hayward was planning on running Big’s last weekend (he finished 2nd in 2019) until he realized there’d be a 21 day quarantine upon return. Instead, he ran four trails in HK for nearly 300k because he didn’t want to sit around and mope.

iRunFar: Zach Miller reflects on his time in XC and how showing up–with or without a team–is the important part.

Dumbrunner: Yes, it’s humor, but I do know a mysterious runner like that.

Anyone know if there’s a GoFundMe set up for Sage and Sandi?  While googling, I came across this tweet from last year when Sage was donating money to a fire relief fund. Time to give back.

Centenarian in Philly credits Yuengling with her longevity so the brewery sends over a literal truckload of beer for her.

We’ve all seen the videos of the insanely steep Redbull 400. Here’s a good video that shows a bit more of the training, heats, and people involved in racing it.

You know his music from the intro music to URP, now David Rosales is hoping to inspire the next generation of female surfers and athletes. I read the article and thought a lot about sports and society, but I’d love to get some more opinions or perspectives. Certain women’s sports have taken off–at least measured in popularity and “acceptance”–in the last twenty years or so (MUT running, surfing, soccer), while others like basketball have yet to really gain any organic acceptance (note this sad video from this week’s WNBA championship parade.) Any thoughts on why that is?

I tweeted this out yesterday, but it’s worth another mention…Here’s some great footage of Dani Moreno and Sara Alonso killing the downhill in the Canaries this past weekend. As always, I appreciate the raw camera work of Biel Rafols.

Looking for a new gig? Check out these job postings at Aravaipa Running.

Awesome: A group of Sikh hikers used their turbans to rescue men who fell into a waterfall in BC.

Turns out that couple from the Bay Area who died on a hiking trail this past summer succumbed to hyperthermia and dehydration. I’m no expert at this stuff, but they all (mom, dad, young child, and dog) all died at essentially the same time on the trail???


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