Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Oct 23

Nickademus Hollon has set a new audacious goal: One hundred peaks over 408 miles with 108k feet of vert. All in one hundred hours.  Just read those numbers again and let ’em sink in.

Watch this: It’s all in French, but the images and live chopper-cam are universal.  Diagonale des Fous was won by Kilian in ’10, ’11, and ’12, and by Francois D’Haene for the past two years.  The hardest part? Finding Reunion Island on a map.

This story is about equestrians, but I remember when Karl Meltzer ran the Pony Express Trail a few years ago. Who’ll try it again?

I mean, I don’t understand the mindset of an ultramarathon runner, or an asexual person, or a person who wants to have sex with animals…

–Wait, how’d we get included in this Joe Rogan interview?

…not too far behind is the LetsRun MENSA Team who compares 100s to 5ks and believes that most ultrarunners are prima donnas.

Cheers to Milwaukee for setting a mass beer mile record, but only 26 competitors? That’s gotta fall soon.

Well dangit, I guess I no longer have an excuse.

Yikes! Read this story about a thru-hiker who was attacked by a bear while sleeping in her tent.

Displaying the main characteristic that is probably both my greatest strength and my greatest weakness as an athlete, the switch had been flipped and I immediately jumped in with both feet. All the way in. Once given a focus and a purpose, it’s really hard for me to find moderation. This trait brought me never-before-experienced success as a runner when I was younger and my body could (kinda, sorta) handle the onslaught of mileage.

Anton’s history with cycling. Interesting.

More cycling: This guy (57yo) rode over the French Alps on a damn fixie. 

Need another reason to get that training run in? More, better, and longer sex.

Why squats are so awesome.

…and here’s more on how weights will help you on the trails.

What are you running this weekend?

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