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With 25 road marathons under her hydration belt, Ashley chose a 50k trail race in Tahoe for her debut ultramarathon. She prepped a lot and offers good advice.

This guy lost a leg in a bad fall and had the “good” leg fused at the ankle.  Did he hike the Appalachian Trail? Of course.

Origins of the FKT. 

I don’t watch much TV, but definitely make time for Jeopardy a few times each week. Have you been watching this guy? At first we couldn’t tell it was some sort of performance art, but now are convinced he’s a hybrid between Zach Galifinakis’s humor with Zach Miller’s balls-out strategy.

OK, it’s a fair fear for his first marathon: What do if you have to poop when running sub 5mpm pace. Alex Varner available for comment?

It’s all about pacing, people:

Big races are cool, but small, intimate races are great. The Hungerford Games in Michigan saw both mens and women top two runners dip under the CR in the fifty mile ultramarathon division. Very cool.

AJW: Using running as a respite and escape from the realities of the world. Agree completely, the simple metronomic movement of legs and heaving of the diaphragm does some amazing things to the spirit.

Congresswoman from AZ will become first member to hike the entire 800 mile Arizona trail. Getting outside to actually see and experience the issue on which she’s voting? Bravo.

You all went nuts for S-Fuels earlier this year and drained the company’s inventory in a few days. They’ve redone some flavors and are offering free samples of their LCHF bars again! Check them out here.

Ensuring that your race leaves no trace. The author makes a great point…though rubbish is often cleaned up quickly, arrows and ribbons are often left up for weeks.

Anyone going to the Greek tonight for The War on Drugs show? 

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