Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Oct 7

What’s on the ultramarathon calendar this weekend? CJ Albertson is looking to re-claim his 50k WR time in California, Heartland in Kansas, Moab kicks off in the SW, and more.

So if Albertson wants to set the new WR, he’ll have to run 5:09 pace. Now consider that Kipchoge’s latest 2:01:09 marathon in Berlin was run at 4:34 pace. If Kipchoge–or any of the <2:04 guys–jogged an additional five miles, they’d have the record. I know, I know, experts say those guys are trained for exactly 26.2, but I’m not buying it. I’ll be rooting for CJ, but the record seems soft.

Cool video that shows Stringbean Joe McConaughy’s FKT on the 800 mile Arizona Trail. His mental focus at the end is impressive. Way more lucid than I am after a 50 miler!

PSA from my dad about recognizing heart disease even if you’re a fit, healthy, and tough runner. Don’t be a hero–go get checked out.

The bad news is that Devon Yanko has lupus.
The good news is that she knows what it is and is ready to fight.

I haven’t watched this yet, but plan to soon: Billy Yang highlights Hilary Matheson, ultrarunner, creator, and his girlfriend and adventure partner.

How did the Mosquito Fire affect the Western States course? Here’s the official assessment.

IRF/Torrence: The essential elements of successful ultramarathon training. Clear, concise, and from an expert.

Chicago Marathon adds a nonbinary division and the nb folks are mad that they didn’t do it right.

Biel Rafols videos Emelie Forsberg as she crests and descends an exposed rocky trail at the Salomon Pirineu Marato (marathon, I believe?) in the Pyrenees. And here’s the start of the event…very European! Lots of cobblestone, old buildings, and plenty of spandex.

Good illustration of the myriad ways to carry water on a run, but Brendan left one out: The old school syrup bottle. (There’s still a guy in the SF Bay who races with one.)

Have a great weekend everyone.

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