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Thirty smart rules for beer festivals.  Think of it as an ultramarathon and not a sprint.  Your goal is stay sober and upright until you get to try every single offering, not to blow it at the start.

Where and how to save money on gear.  Who’s that runner in the pic? Tim T?  And gear-wise, I run in swim trunks most of the time. They’re cheap, have pockets, and are often better looking than running shorts.

Not cheap, but pretty cool: A portable hot tub, that I could see being used  as an ice bath.

Check out this trailer for Billy Yang’s new movie about Western States. Gives me the chills!

…and because it’s Friday and you’re not going to get any work done anyways, watch Walmsley fly through his recent FKT.  It’s interesting to listen to his hesitation about going back for the second half, but dang, when he pulls the trigger, he’s committed.  My only critique is that I wish they’d left in the natural sound rather than the music for the descent.  Yeah, it probably would’ve just been the videographer’s breathing, but it would have put into perspective how hard he was running to keep up. UPDATE: Here’s the 25 minute version, with less editing. Thanks!

Speaking of the Grand Canyon, here’s AJW’s recount of his time in the Big Hole and a history of the FKTs.

Top seven trail races in Washington.

Two new interviews today–one with guy with a great story about his journey to the Bear 100, and one with a pro Skimo/Trailrunner Meredith Edwards (watch this video of Meredith and stay tuned.)

No ultramarathon content whatsoever, but an interesting interview with a guy who’s built a wildly successful business podcast.

Yes, there’s a tutorial on how to poop in the woods.

Why writers should run and runners should write.

How to negative split your next race.  Have you ever run neg splits in a trail race or ultramarathon?

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