Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Oct 9

SCMP: I love this idea! Adventure race slash ocean cleanup as teams compete to make an impact on the environment. It’s one thing I’ve noticed as I’ve spent more time on the water…It’s not too common–at least where I often run–to see litter on the trails. Maybe an occasional gel wrapper or bottles left over from someone drinking on the trails the previous night, but it’s pretty clean. But on the water–local lakes and rivers–it’s an all too common site. We’ve got to do better and this is a fun way to help. Wish there were an event like this stateside.

This is a must read: A few years ago, we published a post by Tim Toben, a NC based father of five who was inspired by Courtney Dauwalter and coached by his ultrarunning son to run his first hundred miler. It was a great story of family, determination, and adventure.
Now, in this long-form piece by Chase at Treeline Journal, we learn more about Nathan Toben (the son/coach) and what drove him to a new FKT and more importantly, sobriety and a new life.

Ironman buys another 100 mile event. This one’s in Austria, but I’m curious to see how/if this trend continues.

After all, embracing open-ended discomfort is exactly what endurance athletes do every day in training, so it makes sense that they have a high pain tolerance. But pain threshold—the point at which a sensation goes from unpleasant to painful—might be different

–Outside Magazine posts a ton of garbage, but Hutchinson’s column is still solid. In this latest post, he discusses why endurance athletes seem to have a higher pain tolerance, but not necessarily pain threshold or sensitivity, as other athletes. And where does grit fit in?

I haven’t listened to his yet, but Eleanor Robinson is one of the greatest female ultramarathon runners of all time. Downloaded and ready for my workout tomorrow.

Yep, it’s upside down, but I don’t have time to figure out why WP is drunk this morning.
Any help?

Beer: Anyone ever tried Malta India? My wife brought some home last week (saw it advertised as an NA beer) and I drank it both straight and in the style many in the West Indies prefer it, mixed with condensed milk. Very strange, very malty, and very unappealing after the first few drinks.

Amy Leedham writes about her experience running and training during her first pregnancy.

Trailrunner/Metzler: Andy Wacker has worked hard to race five times during the shutdown, all the while keeping training and life fun and…yes…wacky. All eyes on him when the world opens back up. The dude’s dialed.

Damn, that Adidas Terrex Speed LD trail shoe looks awesome! Anyone tried it?

True story:

Semi-Rad: How to achieve maximum productivity. Very good!

Amy Sproston sets a new FKT (by 24 hours!) in Jordan.

FKTs like Amy’s seem so simple and pure when compared to all the drama going on in the track world. Special shoes, flashing pace lights, doping…I understand the issues are wrought with nuance, but it all kinda sucks the excitement out of it, doesn’t it?

Mountaineering: So what happens when you pay $70k to climb Everest, but your guide stops the expedition for safety concerns? Interesting article about the logistics, politics, and legalities about big money adventures, with a special cameo by Kilian Jornet.

What I’m listening to: Live recordings from Tracy Chapman. Damn, she was (is?) so good!

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