Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Oct 9

It’s Friday. Feel free to waste your day watching these eleven short films about trail running.  Then I dare you to not sign up for a race.

Leor shares another incredible adventure run with us.  If someone were to only read his blog, they’d have no idea there was–or had ever been–any civilization in California.

I haven’t watched this whole show, but Gary from Elevation Trail apparently makes the argument for allowing PEDs in sports.  Seems we’re about at that point, aren’t we? At least be honest about it.

New tech-y running shorts will tell you if you’re good or not. No thanks.

High school XC makes kids not just strong physically, but helps form good character as well.

The differences between ultramarathons and stage races.

Here’s a Kickstarter project for a new film that looks into what makes us want to run ultras.

Diet news: One in three vegetarians eat meat when drunk.

I’m running this tomorrow and it’s gonna be ugly. You?

I don’t mean to sound insensitive and ignorant, but how the heck does running a marathon on a damn frozen Mongolian river raise money for mental health in the UK?

I’ve never struggled with weight like I am right now. Geez.  This article gives me hope.

Science: Antioxidants give you cancer.  Next week’s preview: Antioxidants prevent cancer.

Recorded two interviews with two awesome women yesterday.  Might release one today.

Not much news today. What did I miss?

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