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Ultrarunning Mag: What happens when your kid announces they are going to summit a nearby peak, but have no real experience? What advice (and gear) would you give them to keep them safe? Sarah Lavender Smith offers good tips for staying safe in the great outdoors.

Running a 200 is tough. But what does it take to film one?

This crazy looking new trail running shoe from Adidas has a lot to offer. I like the neoprene sleeves for bad weather, I’m a huge fan of BOA lacing systems, and Boost foam is my favorite material for maximum cush and spring. And the “420” printed on the forefoot…a nod to Adidas exec Scott Dunlap?

The trails behind my house on the American River.
Now a mix of dust from this week’s wind and a ton of smoke, ash, and soot. Mask on, yo.

Lulu Lemon: Resist capitalism! (3rd slide)
Also Lulu Lemon: Online sales up 157% last quarter.

“I think that physical exertion and physical activity in general brings out a different layer of people,” she explained. “When you’re absolutely exhausted and you can’t take another step, you need this other side of your being and I wanted to see what my limits were or where they were and then find a way to push past them. So, whenever I’d be met with these challenges, I would think to myself, ‘This is one of those tests. Where is your breaking point?’”

“It really wasn’t about what I did, but who I became,” she said. “And so, I was dreading the end but then I was also kind of excited to see and to bring everything that I learned from this experience back into this world that has, more or less, stayed the same while I was gone.”

More on Sophia Tang, the first–and only–woman to hike the 485 mile Colorado Trail unsupported. She wasn’t experienced with long haul thru hikes, but used her positive outlook and personality to push her to her goal. She sounds AWESOME.

Oh for gods sake. Am I just being trolled now?!?

Interviewed by a publication yesterday for a blurb on professional athletes and their public political statements. Teaser: If someone is paying you to represent their brand by retaining existing customers and attracting new ones, don’t ostracize half your audience by making self-important political statements. If you’re already an activist and then get signed, all is fair, but make sure your employer is OK with your public messaging.
I’ll link to it when it’s published.

Speaking of professional sports, it looks like Peloton instructors are the next wave of bankable athletes. Weird, right?

And more pro sports: HOKA steps up and signs a 4 year contract that’ll support NAZ Elite on a team and individual level. Very cool.

What does it take to guide Chaz Davis to a 2:30 marathon? Wardian is on it. I’ve guided plenty of runners in the four hour range, but doing so while running 6 minute pace is terrifying.

NYT: Court rules that Caster Semenya cannot compete in Olympics unless she reduces her T-levels.

We come from all walks of life, but one thing that binds us is our shared hatred for muscle cramps. In this piece by Alex Hutchison, he dives into why and how we get them.

Friday Funny: The difficulty rating system of moving a couch. Brought to you by Brendan Leonard of semi-rad.

Trailrunner/Roche: Scheduling adventure flex days sounds like a great idea—especially for runners like me who like to keep it fun and can’t always stay on an exact schedule.

Velo News: Tour de France on edge as more athletes test positive for La Rona.

Woohoo! Looks like Sam Adams is introducing a non alcohol IPA next year!

Meanwhile, another NA brewery just raised $4M in funding. Good stuff, too. Time to reorder!

Nineteen years and one day ago, our country came together with compassion, empathy, love, and a shared goal. Hoping we can reach that point again soon. RIP to all who lost their lives that day.
And a special shoutout to the firefighters who are putting their lives at risk right now in California and Oregon. Thank You.

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