Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Sep 11

Awesome race report from Tim’s 2nd place at CCC.  Through ups and downs he kept pushing, and it eventually paid off. Read it.

Twenty eight people started a hundred in Texas. Only one finished.  Here’s an interview with her.

To all those who’ve submitted music. Thank You! I’m amazed at the number of submissions I received and now know that all the music that appears on URP will be played by runners.  Still waiting for one more.

Jurek fires back, post plea deal.  Total waste of time and ridiculous charges, I agree, but it’s also best to be completely 100% factual.  To say that there wasn’t a media team promoting this isn’t accurate.

Sträva for dogs?

Co-host Sarah is running Wasatch today–she’s describing it as her most daunting attempt in running–and I’m anxious to hear how it goes.

Geez, this is the weekend of hundreds! Superior Sawtooth, Pine to Palm, and their crazy drunk cousin Tahoe200.  And if you can’t run, head over to the Trail Running Film Festival.

Meanwhile World 100k champs are going on overseas. There’ll  be a live feed here.

If you run with an iPhone, have you set up your Emergency Medical ID yet? Pretty cool!

Yes! Use road races to improve trail running.  How many elite-level URP guests still race on the roads? Well, I dunno, but it’s a lot.

I’ve always been fascinated with Sealand and it’s crazy history.  Now this guy set up a treadmill and ran a half marathon there. Who’ll be the first to run a few thousand laps for an ultramarathon?

Where were you 14 years ago? I remember exactly where I was on the freeway, listening to the radio. Heading to my job as a lobbyist in Sacramento, but no one went to the Capitol that day.

This fella has run over 600 marathons and 100 ultramarathons.  Researchers are trying to figure out what keeps him going.

Krar is working through his injury with patience, persistence, and perseverance.  And some DIY tiling work.

Speaking of injuries (we all get em!), here’s a great article about T&F star Emily Infeld who’s had some tough injuries recently, almost quit because of them, but is now stronger than ever.

And here are fifteen fall trail races under fifteen miles.  No crazy prep. No drop bags. No taper. And you’ll be home by lunch time!

Ever wondered about fixed-timed races? Here’s everything you need to know.

Meanwhile, another top marathoner fails a drug test.

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