Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Sep 16

What’s on the ultramarathon and trail racing calendar for this weekend? 

While trail running in central France, these two women had a lot of company. Baaaaaaaaaaa.

iRunFar: Zach Miller attempts to explain the myriad ways of gaining entry to UTMB.

Yikes. Florida HS XC runner has a heart attack after his race. (Had surgery and he’s OK.)

Here’s part two of the HOKA and Wahoo film that follows Jim’s run at the 2022 UTMB.

Whether you identify primarily as a runner, walker, cyclist, equestrian, hunter, dog-person, ATV-rider, or other trail user, we must realize that we are far more powerful together than apart. The way to get more trails is not by squabbling amongst ourselves–it is by forming a community of people who love the outdoors–and the people we get to share it with! Only together will we be able to form any kind of real voice when advocating for the trail spaces that we love so dearly.

–Let’s all work together to advocate for the spaces we love. More from TrailSisters.

As someone who’s been running in the early, early morning for over a decade, this film really spoke to me. It’s a different world out there when the sun’s not out.

I’ve only been in one snowshoe race and it was the hardest race I’ve finished. Mad respect to Jennifer Britz!

FOX: The naked illegal POS who’d been terrorizing women on Virginia and NY trails is now in custody.  Hopefully he gets deported and does not return.

Good convo right here. Somehow I’d never heard that story about Kilian!

Ever wonder what type of gear MUT photographers use? Here’s an explanation. I’d love to see more on stability rigs and what all this stuff costs.

Tragic: Be safe when driving through the San Juan Mountain Range.

I haven’t been paying much attention to shoe tech recently, but daaaaang, this new Altra Mont Blanc with BOA lacing is sweet looking!

Enjoy the weekend everyone.


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