Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Sep 18

I’ve been there. Have you? The power of a fear-based fitness plan.

You’ve followed Sarah’s preparation for Wasatch 100 during her co-hosting on URP.  Here’s how it went down, and here’s the result:


The GearJunkie breaks down Western States finishers’ gear a bit more.

Skyler had never run past 50 miles before, but signed up (and completed!) Tahoe 200 and used it all as therapy.

He explained that IUDs usually cause a low grade Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder (PID)…Due to the nature of this device, anytime there is an inflammatory process, it will cause muscle/fascia tighten and create scar tissue along the pelvic floor.

–Ladies, listen up: Female endurance athletes and IUDs.

And more for the ladies right here.  I’ll always remember Maggie’s story in this interview she did with Scotty and I a few years ago.

Ronda Rousey has taken a stand against testing for marijuana in UFC fighting.  Should pot be considered a PED for ultra and trail running?

The most thorough shoe reviews are by FellRnr and he’s updated his list.

Errol “Rocket” Jones is crazy, and so are the rest of us. What do you think of his essay?

What do you think of the Fat Girl Running? I love her attitude, but dislike the fact she’s ignoring the health concerns with obesity.

Ian talks to Scott and Jenny Jurek about his AT adventure in this new podcast.

Run Rabbit Run 100 starts this morning and runners are racing for big money. Watch it live here.  Tim Olson, Jason Schlarb, Jacob Puzey, Jared Hazen, Nick Clark, Bob Shebest…wow, quite a field.  The women’s race includes Emma Roca, Michele Yates, Cassie Scallon, Nikki Kimball, Emily Richards, Kerrie Bruxvoort, and more.

We want to show that we don’t have to travel to some remote and exotic location to experience vast and stunning wilderness.  Some of the best in the world is right here in our own backyard.  All reachable by foot.

Foote, Wolfe, and a photographer take off on a 600 mile trek from Missoula, MT to Banff, Canada. Wow! Go guys!  If you’ve got any doubt they’ll make it, listen to their past interviews here and here.

Tech talk: Sweet new drone that’ll fit in your hydration pack and is controlled exclusively thru smartphone app. 

NUC: I’m going to start a new podcast on the next big sport: Mobile phone throwing.

Any trail or ultramarathon news that I missed?

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