Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Sep 22 | NJ Edition

This edition of the URP Daily News is coming to you fresh from the Newark, NJ Airport at 3am. Stay with me, folks!

What makes a great aid station? I’ll agree with AJW on this one…years ago, American River 50 had Buzzard’s Cove Aid Station (staffed by an encouraging Matt Keyes if I recall correctly) that was only accessible by boat. At around mile 35 of the course, they had delicious ice cream sandwiches that always hit the spot.  A great aid station communicates well, encourages me, feeds me, and here’s the important part: The volunteers either have dead-one accurate information, or lie to me with convincing perfection.

Pretty much none of these laws pertain to us.

I didn’t get through the entire list (slow connection), but check out the list of Sports Illustrated’s “Most Fit Athletes.” I see a bunch of football players, race car drivers, Ninja Warriors, a doped up road/track runner, some seriously fit triathlete and OCR athletes, but no mention of endurance/trail runners. Surely someone like Kilian should be on the list. Did I miss him?

When I was racing as a kid, Mt SAC was the pinnacle of racing. That’s where XC champs were held, track and field meets, and where we’d get to go see the pros in “real” meets. Plans were apparently in place to use MT SAC for the 2028 Olympics, but that’s now in jeopardy. Bummer!

Here’s the Breaking2 documentary. Slow connection, can’t watch it.

Did you see our latest review of the Handful Sportsbra and apparel? Catchy name, great bra, but Jade found some problems with the capris and the athletic-aspect of the top.

How much is your weight slowing you down?  I feel my extra weight in my hips on every run.

Science, eh! Clean ya house and walk ya ass to work! You’ll live longer.

Take a few minutes and check out this video of Guillaume running (and filming) Tor des Geants. Big race, massive vert, incredible terrain.

Do you recover slower from workouts in middle age? Seems obvious, doesn’t it?

I’m currently trying out a few pair of wireless/waterproof headphones, and I’d really like to add these to the list. Probably wouldn’t fit in my year though. Who reps Bose? Anyone know?

Forecast for Sunday’s race: 90 degrees. People are freaking out. 

Prohibition Pig for dinner tonight. Who’s in?

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