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What’s up in the trail and ultramarathon world this weekend? Damn, the Bear has some legends on the start line!

David Epstein discusses how running affects men and women differently and also touches on the inaccurate of clickbait science articles.

I realize Allie Ostrander is not an MD, but her unfiltered advice on running, fitness, life, balance, etc is fantastically refreshing, especially for young girls.

Will “Akuna” Robinson talks trail love and how he found himself in the outdoors.

First there was Salomon. Then there was Salming. Now there’s Salewa. And they all have similar logos! Ack!


In those few words, Messick inadvertently showed his hand.  Ironman big bet wasn’t predicated on the long term growth of trail running at all, but instead on a monopoly of the market today. With UTMB as a partner, they have the ability to drive both demand and supply. They don’t need a quantum leap in the market cap to see a return on their investment if they can capture what already sits in front of them.

Ironman’s Big Bet on Trail Running. Outside Magazine covers this important topic but only interviews the Polettis, the Ironman CEO, and one runner. The pull quote above really sets the tenor for the overall message: It’s all about money.
Personal Experience: I’ve been The Canyons race announcer since the first year and have seen it grow from an awesome small, grassroots event put on by friends to a WS qualifier to….a giant, over-branded  corporate event with an announcer and staff brought in from out of state who don’t know the runners, the trail, or the history. Sure, that type of race is great for some people and if you’re only watching the leaders, the media coverage is excellent, but put me in the column of people who aren’t happy with Ironman/UTMB’s influence on our sport.

Adding to that article, Scotty Kummer (TenJunkMiles podcast) had me on his show earlier this week and we talked about all sorts of topics, including how I see Ironman/UTMB going after media sources in the near future. What better way to control narrative and opinion than to own the sources, right?  In case you’d like to listen, I think it’s slated for a mid-Oct release.

Trailrunner Mag: The importance of trail work and whether or not it should be a requirement for race registration.

Ultrarunning History: Yên Nguyễn is the latest runner added to the 100×100 club.

Two of the GOATs (Jornet and Caldwell) talk about training, balance, goal setting, and more. Good stuff in there.

Speaking of stewardship and passion, this weekend is the Mammoth Trail Fest, brainchild of Tim Tollefson. Here’s everything you need to know.

Mark Remy nailed it with this Dumbrunner article about shoe improvements.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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