Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Sep 23

Ultramarathon News:

The essence of ultramarathon running: What makes the hundred mile distance so tempting?

How Joe Grant climbed all of Colorado’s 14ers in one month.  Bonus question: What brand of shoe did he wear? Nope. Wrong. No. No. Nope. Try again. No. Bzzzz. Wrong-o. Try again.

Speaking or peak bagging and trail running in Colorado, here’s a brand new weather app that’ll keep you safe all year.

Tor des Geants: What makes this race so special?

New episode!  Next time you consider DNFing, go back to this podcast and check it out.  Chuck Radford tells a compelling story about going blind on the trails….and finishing the race.

Not your normal trail film: 48hr record holder Phil McCarthy ran from Disneyland to Coney Island and is featured in this funky, artsy film about his last few hundred miles where he tried to conquer a hot dog. 

Science! Fitness trackers impede weight loss.  (The reasons make sense.)

Got kids? Dax writes a touching piece about a first “real” trail with his growing son.

Trail running tips for Nepal: Beware of altitude sickness, stray dogs, and leeches.

Kaiha the AT hiker doubles down on her FKT claim. What do you think?

Speaking go thru-hikers, what does it actually cost?

Similarly, this white collar worker escaped her tortuous job to “run free.”  That’s your Friday Funny right there.

…and here’s the first podcast interview with Speedgoat Karl after his AT record.

CNN: Ultramarathon runners go above and beyond. (Link Fixed) Not a bad piece, actually. Doesn’t make us a look like a bunch of “extreme” nutcases.

I’m usually interested in races where competitors are racing other people, but The Bear 100 is truly a runner vs nature situation this weekend.  A massive forest fire wrecked the area a few weeks ago that forced some course changes, and this weekend it’s supposed to be a crazy winter flash with 4-8″ of snow.  This’ll be a fun race to track.

What you eat determines how you smell.

Transgendered fell runner stabs an official for fear of being outed as male. Or something. I’m hearing quite a few stories about Jeska and some of her antics while running stateside and it seems like an interesting situation to say the least.

Ultra Trail Mt Fuji is under way finished after a delay and a ahem, slight course change from 100M to 49k due to flooding.  Nick Hollon, Ryan Smith, Silke Koester, and Dylan Bowman all ran it…Anxious to hear more about how they adapted to the situation. More info right this way.

I remember seeing Amy Palimero-Winters a few years ago competing in ultramarathons, but haven’t heard anything about her recently and her website hasn’t been updated in two years.  Is she still running? Anyone?

Nine funny ultramarathon twitter folks to follow.  Sabrina and Amelia win it for me.

With more and more people traveling international for ultramarathon and other distances, what’s the best way to counter jet lag? Consider.

Why are so many hard scientists into endurance running? What’s the connection? I understand high-achieving jobs correlate with hard work in athletics, but don’t understand the science connection other than the duties often trap people indoors and ultramarathons are a way to escape?  Anyone?

Interesting: New study implies memory in endurance athletes (specifically runners) is a myth.


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