Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Sep 25

Ultimate ultramarathon in SoCal: Swim 21 miles from Catalina to PV, bike 500 miles to Death Valley, then run 135 miles to Mt Whitney. All unsupported. This is Uberman  Who’s in?

Andrew Skurka has been on multi-month expeditions, hikes, and races, and he recently ran his second hundred miler at RRR. I chat with him in this new podcast about what he learned, what he’d do the same, and how we can all use that information during our next race.

Ryan Sandes talks about the similarities between surfing and trail running in this cool Salomon video.

Mogollan Monster 100 is this weekend in Arizona. I like reading big race previews and odds, but it’s also cool to read in-depth analysis of races with racers I’m not too familiar with.

Interesting: A 1996 article from Ultrarunning Magazine about the Tarahumara and Copper Canyon.

How smoking weed affects your running. What do you think?

Krissy Moehl is making a run at the Tahoe Rim Trail supported FKT starting Monday.  Her SPOT tracker is here.

Speaking of rad women, Heather “Anish” Anderson just set what looks like a new self-supported FKT on the Appalachian Trail. More info on her FB page here.

The best UTMB report I’ve read: This one from Ryan Smith.

Seven personal observations on the absurdity of running.

The evolution of the modern aid station.  Listen to the old school folks and they’ll tell you how it used to be.

Organizing an iconic race is a lot more than ordering t shirts and naming a/s captains: The entire Western States Trail is now in public hands. Nice work, Board!

What are you running this weekend?  I’m heading to the Headlands to run a few hours with my folks who are up visiting. Yahoo!

Late posting: The best ranked IPA of every state.

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