Ultramarathon Daily News: Anton, DIY 100s, Consistency, and more.

And the most clicked on link for the week will be….Anton’s top ten ultramarathon tips

Live Spartathlon tracker. Excellent coverage and tracking! 

World Mountain Running champ busted for doping and given reduced 9 month ban for “cooperating” with IAAF. Wherever you stand on the doping issue, this type of action doesn’t benefit either side.

The halfway point, 50 miles, came at 5:15. He hit the 100K mark at 6:39…His 150K split was an obscure world record of 10:37:47. He ran his last 10 miles in 1:18, and broke the 100-mile World Record in 11:30:51…He only stopped once to use the bathroom the entire 100 miles and averaged 6:54-mile pace.

–Take a few minutes to read Davy Crockett’s incredible account of Don Ritchie’s 100 mile world record. 

Help for a study that affects runners: Hallux rigidus is a debilitating form of osteoarthritis in the big toe. Scientists at the University of Utah are trying to determine the genetic cause of this disease. We are looking for participants who have been diagnosed with hallux rigidus between the ages of 18-50 and have one or more relatives that have also been diagnosed with the disease. If you are potentially interested in our study, please fill out the following brief survey – http://www.genetics.utah.edu/hallux-study/

Looking for a job in the endurance world? This gig as registration and social media coordinator might be for you.

Climbing friends, do me a favor and stay the hell away from El Cap for a few days.

AJW’s DIY 100. These are the best types of runs. Not every ultramarathon distance run has to have a reward or a buckle at the end.

If you were a subscriber to ultrarunning magazine, you’d have access to Traci Falbo’s article about the beginnings and goals of the MUT Council within the USATF.

Compelling: Consistency beats talent, luck, good intentions, and even quality.

It’s Friday. Whatcya running this weekend?


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