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The ten best runs in Los Angeles. What’s it missing?  (Catalina Island, ahem)

Most visitors to the Huayhuash (“why wash”) hire guides and donkeys to complete the circuit in about 12 days. We intended to run and hike the loop in three days with no support and little acclimatization.

–Wow! Escape to the Peruvian Andes with Brian and his friends…and check out those pictures!

Kaci Lickteig continues to prove her meddle at every type of race. Road marathons, 50ks, and muddy, sloppy, and cold hundreds in the mountains.  Here’s here report from Bear 100.

Ugh, what a disappointment for the runners and the RD alike. Sounds like an honest mistake.

Cool: Caroline Boller was qualifed to run the IAU 50k World Champs in Doha in November, but had an injury and gave up the spot.  Camille Herron was going to run both the 50k and 100k World Champs two weeks later, but gave up her 50k spot to the now-healthy Caroline.

Science: Study shoes that minimalist shoes help build leg and foot muscles.  Looks like a decent study.

I’m having a blind tasting tomorrow of fall beers and IPAs…IPA lineup includes Heady Topper, Todd the Axeman, Pliny, Sip of Sunshine, and Blind Pig.  I’ll release results on Monday. #science

If you’re looking for some profane opinions on running slow and losing weight, the Angry Jogger has got your back.

Re-posted from “Ted Corbett-Pioneer” Facebook page:

Eileen Waters Connolly (1945 – 2016)
Running Pioneer & World Record Holder

The running community lost a dear soul in Eileen Connolly recently. Eileen was part of the first generation of women long distance runners in the United States. Her legendary trailblazing performances at 50 miles on a track are described below. She ran over 50 marathons and ultramarathons in her career. This included 17 Rock n Roll marathons in San Diego. In 1973 she ranked 21st in the world with a 3:08:35 clocking at the Santa Barbara Marathon. She would record her best time of 3:01:23 the following year in Santa Barbara. Eileen would carry a transistor radio during training runs and listen to Casey Kasem’s America’s Top 40. This was in the early 1970s; long before earbuds.

This is from Andy Milroy’s book “North America Ultrarunning: A History.”

“On the west coast, meanwhile, Eileen Waters set a women’s world record by blitzing 50 miles on the track at Santa Monica in 7:05:31. Her performance was made more startling by the fact she ran the second half of her race 23 minutes faster than the first half. A sturdily built 27-year-old hospital medical secretary, Waters further impressed observers by running the 50 miles with a perpetual smile on her face, while offering cheerful comments to onlookers. The striking ease of her run helped give rise to the idea that females are more suited to such endurance tests than are grim-faced males.”
“Another returning champ was Eileen Waters. Back on the Santa Monica track on 14 September, she ran 6:55:27 and again broke the women’s world record for 50 miles. In lopping 10 minutes off her mark set the previous year, Waters became the first of her sex to ever run under 7 hours for the distance. It was an era when it was rare to have much in the way of women’s competition in ultras, but in this race Eileen was pushed to the record by Donna Gookin, whose 7:12:51 merely made her the second fastest woman in history.”

Eileen Waters Connolly Memorial Service:
St Didacus Catholic Church
Thursday, October 6th 
4772 Felton St
San Diego, CA 92116

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