Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Sep 4

All sorts of interesting data from the Western States runner survey. Highlights:

  • Years running doesn’t correlate to faster finish time.
  • People love Hokas, Ultimate Direction, and Petzl.
  • Having a paid coach doesn’t get you much.

New site searches intrawebz to find cheapest rate on running shoes.  A whole lot of techy runners thinking “Rawwr!, Why didn’t I think of that?!?”  Meanwhile, running stores (rightfully) freak out.

This is what a road trip to SW Colorado and the Hardrock course looks like.  Thanks for the great video Mike!

Check out the latest podcast right here. It’s a follow up from my post about the Team Scoring Invitational, and I had the chance to get all the details from USATF MUT Council’s Kami Semick. Interesting chat about the future of our sport.

Runner makes a U-turn on a bike path without looking, right into the path of a cyclist who crashes.  Bonehead move on his part, but her injuries were more than just scrapes. What do you think of the $300k decision?

Seven ways to be the ultimate obnoxious biker.

Awesome dad Andy breaks Kilian’s Grand Teton FKT.  Not many people can say that, can they?

This is what makes Alex Varner such a threat as a runner: Diversity.  Ultramarathons, XC, bikes, beer miles, road races…

Here’s Ian’s preview of The Rut 50k.

My body was willing to go on – my legs were happy prancing along on painful feet – but the feet themselves gave me an excuse that I was all too willing to accept. The devil offered to halt the torture if I stopped. All I had to do was hand in my number and my soul. What a simple task.

–Robbie Britton’s UTMB DNF report.

One of the inherent dangers to our sport is forest fires, and the West has been hit hard this summer. Here’s how the trail running community is coping.

HELP! Musicians! I need new music for the show! I was under the impression that “bumper music” was legal to use, but apparently I was wrong.  Going forward, I need a new opening track and something for the outro. If you’re an artist, please email Me. Thanks!

Competitor highlights fast young runners, including ultra studs Jared, Ashley, and Ford.  They’ve all also appeared on URP…check out the interviews here.

Nick Symmonds’ head just blew up.

These TrailsinMotion Film Festivals are all over the place. Have you been to one? What did you think?

Have a great Labor Day weekend. What are you running?


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