Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Sep 9

The Mosquito Fire has burned part of the Western States course in the Michigan Bluff/Foresthill area. (That’s approx mile 55-62ish on the course.) It’s already burned 13,000 acres and is currently 0% contained. Map below shows the WSER course in purple. (Taken from the WS Twitter feed.)

ultrarunning/Stern: What’s up in ultramarathon and trail races this weekend?

iRunFar: A look back at some of the classic 50 milers. Like AJW, American River 50 and TNFEC 50 stand out…the depth of those races was craaaaazy!

Let’s finish Liza’s run today.

Fascinating story about Sunmaya Budha (3rd place at CCC this year) and how she grew up with real oppression in a patriarchal society.

David Roche and Kevin Beck each offer their own analyses of a study that shows how women recover after a pregnancy.

Ten hours later, I stood at mile 36 on Donohue Pass. Everything was feeling great. But then I stopped to pee, and it burned. The color was wrong. Was it brown or red? I’m colorblind and couldn’t tell.

–Interesting follow up with details about Jeff Garmire’s recent FKT on the JMT.

Update on my dad: He’s all good, sitting up, eating, and walking. Thanks to those who reached out. They opened him up from the bottom of his sternum to his neck and the surgeon said it went perfectly. Now, on to recovery for a man who likes to go 110% at everything. Gotta take this sloooow, dad!

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