Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Sep 9

Ultramarathon News From Around the World

A lot going on in the ultramarathon world this weekend.

Interesting: Neuroscientists discuss the mind-clearing magic of running.

A day in the life of Speedgoat Karl’s Appalachian Trail speed attempt.

I haven’t listened to Lance’s podcast, but this writer sure loves it a lot.

As someone who’s always struggled with life balance, this piece in Peak Performance really makes sense.  You?

Six core exercises all distance athletes should be doing, and two we should definitely avoid.

Kwak is one of my favorite Belgian ales…and now it’s owned by Anheuser Busch.

Canada unveils longest unbroken trail in the world set to open next year.  Fifteen thousand miles long, I reckon it’ll take someone a few weeks to decide to set an initial FKT.

Mike Wardian picks up his 100th sponsor.

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