Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Sept 15

Friday Ultramarathon Funny: Barkley Fall Classic tips from John Kelly.

Outside: The 27 best running tips of all time. Number 28: Don’t be an a-hole.

Scott Dunlap makes a delicious DNF cocktail at Cascade Crest 100.

Be sure to check out our latest interview with Appalachian Trail FKT holder Joe “Stringbean” McConaughy. Not “just” a thru hiker, Joe’s also a successful ultramarathon runner who explains the differences and similarities between the two disciplines.  Great interview with a dude who’s got a unique tolerance for pain and focus.

ultramarathonThat interview was sponsored by Destination Trail Runs. More and more runners are dipping their feet into 200 milers, and Destination Trail puts on the best events in the country. Find out more at destinationtrailrun.com.

And hey, also read this piece by Brad Stulberg about the underrated benefits of hiking. Experienced ultrarunners incorporate hiking into their training routines, recognizing that it’ll be part of their race and they want to be in top shape.

Chest strap or wrist strap HRMs. Which is better?

He will say Viagra is a drug that can make a sprinter run faster, but that it’s not on the banned list of athlete medications. ‘If I was a sprinter, I would not take Viagra,’ he says. ‘You do not want to have a boner while you’re running a race.’

Fascinating discussion with one of the most prominent doping doctors in sporting history does not paint a rosy picture for the future of clean sports.

Great question posed on Twitter yesterday by Kyle Robidoux: Who are the preliminary picks for 2017 UROYs and UPOYS? Unlike most years, there’s not a standout runner who’s the obvious pick, and that’s exciting! Will it come down to Javelina and North Face? What do you think of either runner or performance of the year?

Required reading for anyone participating in–or organzing–an ultra marathon event: There are rules for a reason.

Ask a thru-hiker: What are the craziest food challenges?


Ben loves the fit, the style, the grip, and the price, but can’t recommend the Altra Timp untilthey get the midsole issue figured out. He’s extremely responsive in the comments section, so if you’ve got a question about the shoe, ask away!

Excellent: The cost and benefits (and risks!) of being an elite endurance athlete.

RRR100 champ Jim Rebeneck’s race report. Good stuff.

Kawauchi ran a 13:xx 100m dash. I wonder what other marathon or utlramarathon specialists could do? Anyone tried one recently?

Pro tips for your first ultramarathon from Clare, Speedgoat Karl, Wardian, Meghan “The Queen” Arbogast, and more.

Stay tuned for an awesome interview with Courtney Dauwalter. Sarah and I chatted with her yesterday and heard a story that still has me shaking my head. I’ll release it today, just in time for your weekend run.


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