Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri the 13th

SCMP: Spartan’s approach to the trail racing scene is a direct affront to UTWT and UTMB. While there’s plenty to dislike about Spartan’s approach to the MUT scene–plenty–I agree that their format benefits runners to a much higher degree than just offering “exposure”, a win bonus from their sponsor, and ton of money into the pockets of the Polettis.

Iditarod Trail Invitational is on its 11th day, and lots has changed since then. Live tracking here. A lot of those folks are trudging through the Alaskan outback with little connection to the outside world. How crazy will this be when they get back to civilization?

Though it’s a short news day, the sprawling URP Entertainment and Endurance Compound is still open for business, but here’s a list of running/tri/cycling events that have been cancelled or postponed.

iRunFar: AJW writes about the passing of DeWayne Satterfield. I’ll be chatting with Dink Taylor early next week to talk more about his life.

Here’s the NOLO article from yesterday with the correct link.

My kids’ school (where I also work and coach) is shut down next week. Hoping to have time to write/finish the post on athlete salaries. I’ve received a tremendous amount of input already (thanks, and if I haven’t got back to you yet I’m sorry!) and am really excited to share what we’ve learned in hopes of giving the athletes some reference points in contact negotiations.

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