Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Apr 12

Eoin Keith reflects on many of his ultramarathon and trail accomplishments, including his busted shoulder at Barkley.

Ageless: More on Gene Dykes. From sub 3hr marathons to ultramarathons, he’s an outlier in a sport of outliers and he’s incredible to watch. And yes, he’s racing on Monday.

Speaking of Boston, is anyone doing a Sonoma/Boston double?

Patreon: I released this edition of the URP Daily News Briefing podcast yesterday to Patreon supporters. Thanks again for the support.

Patagonia files suit against Anheuser Busch AB for trademark infringement. Meanwhile, Chile and Argentina file suit against Patagonia for using the name of their shared mountain range in virtue signaling ads, and beer nerds file a claim that Budweiser really shouldn’t be called “beer” anyway.

Semi-Rad: Brendan helps tell the story of adventure photographer Forest Woodward. I really dig reading these backstories and learning about the people who don’t seek fame in front of the camera.

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Woof: Cactus is doing pretty well at Marathon des Sables.

He holds world records for 24 hours (188 miles, Adelaide 1997), 48 hours (294 miles, Surgeres 1996), 6 days (643 miles, Colac 2005), 1000kms (5d 16:17, Colac 2005) and 1000 miles (10d 10:30, New York 1998), while the 1983 Spartathlon 152 miles saw him victorious in 21:53:42.

Yiannis Kouros inducted into the Australian Ultrarunning Hall of Fame. I mean, I guess he deserved it, right? Here’s a complete list of his records.

Sarah Sellers: Training and working full time is the only way to make it happen. She needs the balance.

Ultrarunning Mag: Here’s to making new friends on the trails.

Happy Birthday: Iron Mike Wardian turns 45 today. Dude, get out of my age group! You’re screwing up the curve!

Pop Science: Exercise makes you happier than money, according to new study. But if I had more money, then I could exercise more, which means I’d be even happier…and round and round.

Happy Friday, everyone. See you in Healdsburg.

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