Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, April 5

DCRainmaker: Is tomorrow Y2K for your GPS device?

Health: Amelia Boone and Ellie Greenwood have both been spending time in the pool recently. In this recent study, docs and scientists looked at how swimming and running affect the heart differently. Interesting.

East Coast: This Mt Tammany 10 footage is pretty sweet.

Stay tuned for a new episode where Guillaume Arthus and I talk about some of the MEAN (Mental – Endurance – Autonomy – Navigation) races around the world, as well as how he’s preparing to take on a fast packing FKT across the Alps.

Wanna feel old? Twenty five years ago Kurt Cobain died. Also in 1994: Tim Tweitmeyer finishes 1st at Western with Ann Trason hot on his heals (16:51 v 17:47) for 2nd place OA. (Full results here.) At Hardrock, Scott Hirts took the win for the mens race (32:00) with Margaret Smith winning the women’s race in 38:43. (Full results here.)

AJW/IRF: Andy agrees with call at GDR and wants to use it as a teaching moment.

For the Long Run Podcast: Jonathan chats with Devon Yanko on his new show. Check it out.

Kaytlyn Gerbin: She shares her report from Transgrancanaria. Kaytlyn is someone I always have my eye on during a race…I can’t wait to see her at WSER this year.

Shoes: At first glance, this new shoe from Brooks looked a lot like the Green Silence and yo, it’s got a burrito tongue! I know the stability and weight make it different from my favorite shoe of all time, but has anyone tried it?

Friday Funny: Vendors still missing at Barkley race expo.

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