Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday Aug 17

Gabi offers up some tips on improving your mental game on the trails.

Despite what gear manufacturers tell you, you probably don’t need all that sh*t in your pack. While Brendan is focused on hiking/fastpacking, the same is certainly true for the ultramarathon crowd.

Fascinating: Check out Eliud Kipchoge’s training log leading up to his Berlin Marathon WR. And then read the analysis of his training (no days off, no long weekend run) from the guys at Science of Running.

I had six hours to complete the last 14 miles: I could have crawled and made it before the cutoff. But the crew had confiscated my watch and — deeply confused about the math and convinced that time was running out — I frantically barked questions at Sharon. What’s our pace? How much further?! WHAT TIME IS IT?! 
Excellent report from Jason’s first hundred miler at Kettle Moraine

You’ve heard me talk about the lack of female voices/perspective in MUT media, so it was especially meaningful for Tina Muir to have me on her show yesterday. I’ll link to the episode when it’s published, but in the meantime, check out her other episodes.

Just put this on in the background and I’m pretty sure you’ll click over to watch this beautiful music being made. It’s certainly not running music, but Michael Kiwanuka somehow combines Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye, and maybe a little Amy Winehouse (?) to make some of the best music out there. Great way to kick off your Friday.

Rockin a new mohawk, Rob Krar talks about his most recent 100 miler…on a bike.

Unsatisfied with a DNF at San Diego 100 miler, Michele ran the distance around the trails in her town and is now happy.

Why is our society so fat? Seven reasons why. And anyone else bothered by the reference to the tomato as a vegetable? I mean, unless you’re a Nix v Hedden adherent…

Did you catch the latest URP Daily News Briefing podcast

Happy Friday! What are you running this weekend?

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