Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Aug 23

Trail Runner Mag: Who to follow and how to follow UTMB next weekend.

Six Days! Six Days in the Dome starts today. Follow along on the site for live tracking and info. I’ll be watching!

AfrbThat night, I also had intense convulsions, shaking, and mental incoherence, which had me medically concerned. On our final day, I had to confront my fear of falling as we scaled a hard-snow slope in crampons.
While each of these moments was fairly brief, it was fascinating to navigate confidence and fear so fluidly throughout the entire trip. It was a matter of meeting myself where I was, feeling the fear, and trusting my body all the same. It was never a question of ability, so it came down to that mental fortitude.

GearJunkie: Interview with the two women who just set the FKT for the Wind River High Route in Wyoming. Full report right here.

Damian Hall interviews Max King for a full length piece right here.

UTMB: South China Morning Post does a great job highliting the Chinese runners to watch for in Chamonix. SCMP has one of the most comprehensive and consistent columns for MUT in the world…nice work.

More UTMB: Andrew Miller highlight the course changes at the big race.

IRF/AJW: Great post on the legendary Pike’s Peak Marathon record that Kilian will be challenging this weekend.

FoxNews: Russian runner and model found dead on roadside after going on run.

New episode: I chat with Zach Violett about training for and running Ronda dels Cims, what it’s like being married to an elite athlete, why Brazillian Jujitsu is the wrong sport for ultrarunners, and more. I also comment on the SD100 racism claims and HOKA’s response and give a recap of my holiday (no slideshows, I promise!) and my running in Europe.

SCMP: The rise of SwimRun any why Hong Kong is the best place for it. I’m still obsessed with this format and want to try one. Amelia Boone, you too? Who else swims and runs?

TrailSisters: Distance doesn’t define a runner.

DCRainMaker: How he configures his run/bike watches. IIRC, I was a “pace | avg pace | total time” guy.

It’s from a roadrunners’ perspective, but has lessons that apply to everyone: When and why to pull out of a race.

I’ve been following along with Sarah’s training for Grand to Grand stage race this year and can’t wait to see what she’s learned since last race. Here’s a great piece by Ian Corless about multi-day racing.

Now that you’ve read all of these links, bounce over to Brendan’s Friday Inspiration for more ways to distract yourself.

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