Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Aug 24

Cool story about the Seven Sisters and how the trail led to a budding romance between two stars of ultramarathon running. Sort of sounds like a Beast Coast equivalent to Dipsea? Fair comparison?

It’s a simple analogy, but one we often forget. Think of your body and your training as you do your car. It needs to be built, maintained, and everything needs to connect together. Nice refresher over here.

These women are getting more females into trail running…and one of them is Sarah Lavender Smith! But hey, no mention of her high paying gig cohosting a niche podcast? 😉

“Gahar is located beside the Oshtorankouh massif in Zagross range in the province of Lorestan.”

Pretty sure that’s the start to a Game of Thrones episode. Nope, just an incredible area for trail running, kayaking, and exploring in Iran.

Davy writes about the start and the impact of JFK50 in the mid 60s and it got me thinking about what type of reaction the country would have if our President (any modern Prez, don’t focus on the current administration) made physical fitness a major issue. 

I will totally admit to having “slowness rage.” You? h/t Brendan’s Friday’s Inspiration.

Assclown blames “jogging outdoors” as the reason Mollie Tibbetts is no longer alive.

Any audio engineers or recording pros out there? I’ve got a little problem with normalizing and need help. Please email me ([email protected]) if you can help. Thanks.

Megan Kimmel is on a winning streak right now with no sign of slowing down. Here’s a quick interview with TrailRunner Mag.

Andy’s tribute to the incredible Rob Krar. I’m still looking forward to one of his favorite meals: The tofu po boy sandwich.

Tim Ferriss has interviewed hundred of leaders of industry, top athletes like Amelia Boone, and performers like Ahnold, and says that the overwhelming majority of them share one main practice. They each dedicate a portion of their day to some sort of meditation. Good read right this way.

It’s Friday! If you’re not happy already, hopefully this story about 102 yo Grandma Riggs riding a horse for the first time will make ya smile.

Definitely something we’ve talked about before: Is extreme athleticism (in this case, ultramarathon running) the new midlife crisis?

New podcast dropping today. Stay tuned.

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