Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Aug 25

Mike Foote takes real action in the fight for public lands. While others are posting memes to social media, Mike is doing something to further the cause he believes in. Speaking of Mike and public lands, want to escape for an hour? Listen to this interview with Foote from 2015 where he recounts his Grand Traverse trek with buddy Mike Wolfe.

A simple tip from the oldest man to break 4 hours in the marathon: Take a freaking break.

Speaking of marathons…wanna get fast? Hit the trails.

I agree with AJW: This UTMB field is bananas and I’d love to be there to watch it all go down. Anyone want to start a wager on who’ll pull up DNS though? Sorry to be cynical, but it always seems like these fields rarely fully materialize. With this many elites–both men and women–someone’s bound to not make it to the starting line.

Friday Funny: Woman who runs “to escape the news” hasn’t stopped since last Wednesday.

Has the compression craze died down, or is it just less noticeable?

And wait, FiveFingers are still a thing?

Toni Reavis makes some good points in response to an Outside article about women’s running milestones. We don’t have many of those traditional milestones in our sport, but could it be said that many of the transcendent performances have already happened? Or are there major time performances still to come? What’s the female ultramarathon equivalent of the 4 minute mile?

For you podcast fans, this may be an interesting one to listen to: Scotty Kummer talks with the founder of Marathon Investigations about how and why he goes after cheaters. I haven’t listened to it, but I assume it’s a good talk. (I still haven’t listened to any podcasts.)

Speaking of podcasts! Sorry for the delay. Kids start back to school next week and I’ve been trying to squeeze every single last bit out of summer! Back with a full schedule next week. Who’d you like to hear from?

Cool article about Scott Kunz, a guy who’s going for his 10th Wasatch, then “retiring” from 100s. We’ll see how that goes….

Aside from running events, the other sport I watch with interest is MMA, so I’ll surely be watching the Mayweather/Macgregor fight tomorrow night. Two totally different disciplines stepping into the ring together will be fascinating.  In running terms it’s like Kilian training like crazy for a hundred miler on the track when there’s a hundred million dollar prize on the line. He probably wouldn’t win, but it’d sure be fun to watch. (Go Macgregor!)

Quick: Who finished third male at Western this year? Here’s a great interview with him…anxious to see him at RRR and TNF!

The good news here is that Hoka appeared to have done just that making the second version of the shoe much better than the first. The change to the upper combined with the outstanding, unchanged midsole is so good that I think this might be the best do everything trail shoe currently available.

–Did you catch Ben’s review of the new Hoka Speed Instinct 2? Kudos to HOKA for improving–not fundamentally changing–the design of one of their most popular trail shoes.

Does having a MTB race option draw you more to a trail ultramarathon or would it cause you to avoid it? I’m anxious to see how decisions like this pan out.

Baking soda is a PED? Ban it!

I’m spending quite a bit of time on the treadmill nowadays. Here are some hill workout ideas to help ease the boredom.

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