Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Aug 3

Gabi chats with Dr. Abby about a whole range of issues that affect the female endurance athlete. 

What to do when race day gets cancelled. Many of us remember when Western States was cancelled in 2008 due to fires, and though I was only going to be pacing, I recall the severe emotional hit of many of the runners around me. Luckily, we survive in a sport and community that is pretty darned forgiving and understanding of the difficult decisions made by race directors.

No podcasts next week from me, but load this into your player if you want to hear Matt and I talk about trail and ultrarunning on his OCR show. We talk about the Hardrock issue, governing bodies in sports, Vermont 100’s podium parity, microphones, OCR celebrities, and the blogging and podcasting industries. (Just listened to part of it and the analogy I used with muling in Foresthill isn’t appropriate…it’s technically an aid station. Duh.)

She chose Ouray 50 miler as her first mountain race…kudos for biting off such a big goal! Unfortunately it didn’t end as she wanted, but lessons were learned along the way.

Robbie attempts to answer the big question: What makes Kilian so damn special? Good preview of how Kilian and Jim will hold up in Chamonix later this month.

What’s an appropriate response when you come across a hiker or runner playing music out loud? Drives me f’ing crazy.

Super cool: A year after finishing his #transamericana, Rickey Gates announces that he’ll be running every single street of San Francisco. It’ll take about 40 days to cover the 1200 miles. Biggest question I’ve got is how he figured out how many miles of streets there were in the City. 

Hey Brendan, we need this type of article giving runners advice on how to answer the question “Are you running States next year?”

Is there such a thing as junk miles?

Video of the Coastal Trail FKT around Lake Superior. Some serious technical trails!

Q&A with the guy who put on his own track and field meet in South Carolina. I’ve always figured I’d be the guy to win the lotto and spend it on putting on one big ass epic trail ultramarathon.

More about being a celiac ultramarathon runner.

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