Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Aug 31

Coming to you today from the ATRA Conference in San Luis Obispo, California (where I’ll be trying to pay attention to the discussions and forums while simultaneously–and neuroticaly–checking UTMB updates.)

He lost his feet and nine fingers in an arctic ultramarathon frostbite disaster just a few months ago. NBD. Robert Zanda just signed up for a 250km race in Namibia next year.

Luis Alberto Hernando records a hilariously creepy tribute video to UTMB.

FKT attempts going on now. (Update: Candice Burt completed her attempt yesterday with a new FKT of the Wonderland Trail in 28:45.)

Karl Hoagland writes about his fondness for fall and how he plans on taking it easy after a big spring and summer. With fewer big races on the calendar, do you see the next few months as the “off season”?

Science: Listening to music can help stave off fatigue while participating in endurance sports. Ban it!

^^I kid, or course.^^

Awesome: A couple of kids interview Jim Walmsley in Chamonix and the boy leads with the question everyone’s afraid to ask “Do you think you’re going to win?”

Jim certainly has a strong chance, but my money’s on Tim Tollefson. Here’s why he–and I–think he’ll come out on top. Either way, a good day for team HOKA.


Ten tips for crewing an ultrarunner. I particularly like number seven: Separate sweet and savory foods. Great idea!

You’ve heard us talk about the rise of ultramarathons in China and how money is being thrown around in hopes of increasing tourism. Here’s more.

More science: Youth has its advantages, but old chicks and dudes are smarter and have more wisdom. And are kicking ass in sports more and more.

Huh? I don’t understand why over 3,000 runners were DQed from the Mexico City Marathon.

Karel Sabbe gets some love from Newsweek, with this AT FKT considered more impressive than things that happened in basketball.

Your Friday Funny with absolutely zero ultramarathon content, courtesy of The Onion.

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