Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Aug 4

Good discussion: Why do rich people love endurance sports like OCR, ultramarathon, and triathlons?

Speaking of disposable income, I proposed on Twitter yesterday that races (specifically legitimate non-profit events) should open up a few registrations for auction spots. Use the existing platform to raise some great money for worthy causes! Whaddya think?

Excellent: Sean writes a report about his first hundred miler–Tahoe Rim Trail 100–and the why behind it. Most of have some sort of answer (“I like to push myself”, “I like beer and burgers”, “I like the outdoors…”), but his is a much more meaningful and impactful story. Read it. He tells one hell of a story.

AI has some great uses and some not so great consequences. Coming up with awesome beer names falls into the former category.

If you’re looking for a $5k gold plated roller, you’ve come to the right place.

Have you ever hated your finish line photo so much that you Photoshopped it?  She did.

Sarah talks multi-day stage races with the fellas from RunUltra in the UK.

Did you catch our latest review of the Nathan VaporKrar waist pack? Good marks from Ben with a few areas for improvement.

Speaking of packs….this ultramarathon dude runs with dogs for a living and invented a cooling ice pack for pooches based on his own hydration pack.

Trailer/teaser for new short film highliting Speedgoat Karl. 

We’ve all had crappy runs. Here, AJW finds the virtues of the times our bodies just don’t cooperate with us.

These pilots to Strava art to the next level.

Never had one but would love to try it: Handmade radler/shandy made with grapefruit juice. Anyone know of a brewery in Vermont that does these?

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