Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Dec 14

Excellent: Yitka celebrates speed work as a means to improving your ultramarathon game.

Looking for ideas on speed work? Lucho posted his most recent tire pull/sprint session.

A day in the life of Kenenisa Bekele. I’d love to see the details of his workouts, specifically his slow days.

I get a lot of interview requests and received one of the strangest this week: Would I please interview Tony Hadley, the former lead singer of Spandau Ballet? 

This much is true: Lululemon is not looking for brand ambassadors.

Desi and Yuki heading back to Boston. 

Scott Jurek and I send Brooks a message: More Green Silence!

More messages: I’ve heard from quite a few of you that there is a pair of nearly new Green Silence for sale on the Running Shoe Geeks FB page. I’ve got 7 NIB pairs of that color and my wife would murder me if I bought another. Unfortunately, I’ll have to pass, but thank you for looking out!  (If they were the Union Jack color way, I’d buy them immediately.)

Kyle Dietz sounds like an interesting guy who’s been dealt a really sh*tty hand recently. An MMA fighter turned MUT runner (good video here), he’s touched a lot of people in our community. I lost my uncle to brain cancer and this issue is important to me. If you could throw a few bucks his way, I’m sure it’d help out a lot.

What’s Taylor Nowlin’s secret? She’s a gravel grinder.

You heard Matt B. Davis and I talk about Skyrunning and OCR champ Jonathan Albon going after a million dollars prize in Iceland. Matt predicted Jonathan wouldn’t make it and he was right.

AJW has a more analytical and serious approach to how he votes for UROY. As much as I look forward to he ballot each year, it’s also a lot of work!

Biz question: Does anyone have experience with online accountants/bookkeeping.Looking at Mazuma vs Bench. Any opinions? Email would work too…..eric2ultrarunnerpodcast.com.  Thanks.

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