Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Dec 15

Excellent piece by Zach Miller about finding solace and comfort in the outdoors.

Bart Yasso is one of the most influential people in all of running and just retired from his enviable role as Runner in Chief at Runner’s World. What’s next?

Interested in cleaning up the trails on public lands? Today’s the deadline to apply for one of the 25 “Grounds Keepers” positions.

–>Sarah tipped me off to this crazy article from 2005, and it’s definitely worth a read: “Desperate Housewife Stalks Male Supermodel in Sports Death Match” recounts Pam Reed and Dean Karnazes’ Badwater battle from 2004. Many of the same story lines as today (gender equity), but even…crazier.  My eyebrows still hurt from all the raising and lowering they were doing while reading it.

This grandmother of eight can probably beat you.  Cool story about racing, training, and hurricanes.

I’ve never RD’ed an event so I’m sure tread very lightly when criticizing race organizers. But…road races (especially BQers!) that are not measured accurately is an unforgivable sin in my book. I understand he had a lot to do and recognize he takes responsibility for his mistake, but this sort of thing should not be happening.

Check out this great video of Patrick Caron carving through the technical Piper Trail in New Hampshire. Here’s out interview with Patrick from earlier this year. Keep an eye on this kid next year.

New TalkUltra episode where Kilian talks about the Everest claims. Can someone listen to it and give me the Cliff’s Notes?

Craig Fowler hiked AT, PCT, and Continental Divide and pedaled Tour Divide, the Colorado Trail Race, and the Arizona Trail Race. Wow. Here’s his story.

A questionable practice by some (and illegal in others), hiking and running off trail can open up new doors to adventure and wilderness.

Do you want to watch a Kenyan marathoner drop 15 one minute fartleks in Central Park? Check this out.

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